Total engineering of floating sheerleg

Matador 3 of Bonn & Mees

Vuyk has been involved in the total concept, basic and detailed engineering including building supervision of this floating sheerlegs.

In 2007 the jib hoist was upgraded by Vuyk from the original capacity of 600 ton to 900 ton. In 2011 the A-frame hoist was upgraded by Vuyk from 1 500 ton to 1 800 ton.

This self-propelled floating sheerlegs is designed for lifting operations for a wide range of marine operations for industries in the offshore, shipbuilding, civil engineering, heavy constructions, etc. Furthermore, the unit is suitable for assistance during salvage operations and is able to operate worldwide, on inland rivers, coastal waters or on open sea. To enable an accurate positioning, the vessel is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system and a four point mooring system. The propulsion system consists of one bow thruster and two azimuth thrusters aft. The sheerlegs is equipped with a load monitoring system, measuring loads, outreach and hoist height, for optimal controlling and monitoring of the operation. For transportation, the vessel is equipped with a dedicated backward lowering system. With the A-frame lowered backward, the sailing area is unrestricted. Besides this, the vessel can make safe sea voyages, with the A-frame in upward position and the jib installed, up to certain environmental conditions.

Vuyk also assists the owner and operator Bonn & Mees regularly with lifting engineering.


Principal Dimensions
Length pontoon 70.00 m
Breadth moulded 32.00 m
Depth moulded 6.00 m
Draught maximum 5.00 m
Lifting Characteristics
Main hoist Maximum lifting capacity Blocks 1800 ton
Jib hoist Maximum lifting capacity Blocks 4x 450 ton
Azimuthing propeller 2x 400 kW
Bow thruster 1x 800 kW

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