Heavy crane installation vessel conversion

Bokalift 1 of Boskalis

In the 1st quarter of 2018 the Bokalift 1 of Boskalis went into service. This vessel is converted from a semi-sumersible heavy lift vessel into a self-propelled crane vessel, including a 3000 ton revolving crane. The Bokalift 1 will be used for the following kind of projects:


  • Install monopiles and jackets for windfarms
  • Decommissioning for the oil and gas industry
  • Heavy lifting and transport for various projects

Vuyk assisted Boskalis with the basic design on the following items:

  • Integration of Main Crane, including global hull FEM analysis
  • Increasing accommodation capacity, arrangement and construction
  • Increasing DP-capability by adding thrusters and power plants
  • Adding a Helideck
  • Designing an 8-point mooring system
  • Designing an anti-heeling system
  • Updating the stability booklets, including lifting and SPS damage stability
  • Arrangements of all new machinery spaces
  • Providing 3D systems information for all additional machinery spaces
  • Inclining experiment
  • Updated and amendment on various systems

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