Gangway design and modification interface


In 2011, Ampelmann had 4 of their famous walk to work systems operating with success when they visited Vuyk. The Ampelmann needed to be modified from a gangway length of 20 to 25 m and the upward maximum angle needed to increase from 20 to 45 deg. No problem for our engineers. However, as for most of Vuyk’s projects, there was a catch: The heart of the system, the stewart platform (hexapod) was not to be touched.

Simply increasing the length means an increase in weight and worse, an increase in moment on the hexapod. Therefore, Vuyk started the project with a concept study in optimisation of the existing gangway construction and gangway luffing cylinder arrangement, with the aim to reduce weights and moments.


Vuyk generated several concepts for the cylinder arrangement from which a non-obvious choice came out to be the best solution. It did not only mean a more favourable weight distribution but also a better gangway interface load introduction.

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