DP2 crane vessel design


Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors recently ordered a powerful, self-propelled DP2 crane ship, Gulliver (RAMBIZ 4000). The basic designs of the vessel and cranes were made by Vuyk. The Gulliver can be used for any type of offshore heavy lifting work in challenging situations, such as the installation of oil & gas platforms, renewable foundations and topsides, the construction of bridges as well as the removal of abandoned platforms.

The scope of work of Vuyk includes the complete basic design of the vessel, the cranes and all systems, including skidding systems and rigging. The application of the combined lattice and box structures for the lifting appliances and also the use of high strength materials is what made this project special for Vuyk. With this design, Vuyk further enhanced its experience and track record in the design of heavy lift vessels and lifting appliances.

Vuyk designed a powerful and rapid ballast system that can follow the hoisting operation exactly, allowing jobs to be completed quickly and continuously.

This project is a good example of Vuyk's expertise in ship design, heavy equipment design and marine operations engineering. Having all this expertise combined in one company is a major benefit for work vessel owners, who aim to develop their own designs using the expertise and knowledge of Vuyk.


A few specific characteristics make this new crane ship unique in its field. It has two cranes with a lifting capacity of 2,000 ton each. The position of the cranes can be moved by 25 m on the ship (skidding), which allows the deckspace to be used to transport and then relocate cargo at a later stage. Extensive calculations by Vuyk proved that skidding of the cranes is also possible at sea.

An additional fly jib can be mounted on top of the boom of each crane.

The four azimuth thrusters and the DP2 system allow installation work to be conducted in deeper water without the use of anchors. However, the ship is also equipped with a powerful 4-point mooring system.


Principal Dimensions
Length over all 108.00 m
Breadth 50.90m
Depth 8.00m
Draught 4.90m
Hoisting capacity 4 000ton
Lloyd's Register

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