Tuna purse seiner design

Ocean Ace

The tuna purse seiner is designed for the multi-purpose functions of spotting, catching, refrigerating, storing, transporting and unloading the catch. The vessel is of the raised deck type with pilot house, living and berthing quarters forward, fish hold space amidships, and engine room aft. Fishing and net handling machinery, as well as working space, are located on the upper deck, aft of the superstructure.

Fish will be transported from the upper deck to the fish wells via a turret through the upper deck and a conveyor with side transfer chutes to direct the fish into the wells. During unloading, these side transfer chutes will be used when floating the fish to the fish well coaming and onto the conveyor. Fish can also be unloaded dry through the fish well unloading doors. The refrigeration system is be capable of brine chiller freezing, flooded brine freezing and either wet or dry storage of tuna in coiled fish wells.

Vuyk made the 3-D arrangements and pipe routing.

Principal dimensions


Length overall

84.39 m

Length between perpendiculars

73.81 m

Breadth moulded

15.09 m

Depth moulded to Upper Deck

8.73 m

Scantling draught

7.00 m





Total Fishwell Capacity

about 1986 m3

Dry Fishhold (PS, SB)

about 184 m3

Quick Freezing Room (PS, SB)

about 50 m3

Preparing Room (PS, SB)

about 30 m3



The purse seiner is propelled by one diesel engine with an output of 3 677 kW (5 000 BHP) at 900 r.p.m. Electric power is generated by three diesel generator sets, one of 910kW and two of 1 360 kW. To enhance manoeuvrability an hydraulically driven bow thruster of 5 ton thrust is fitted.


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