Permanent mooring structures design

SS Rotterdam

In February 2010, the SS ROTTERDAM opened its doors for the public after a long restoration. The former cruise vessel of the Holland America Line (HAL) is now permanently moored at Katendrecht in Rotterdam and is in service as a ’static liner’. The SS ROTTERDAM dates from 1959 and is the largest passenger liner ever built in the Netherlands. After the renovation the vessel has largely maintained its original character, both in its interior appointments as well as in its outward appearance. The vessel was renovated in Wilhelmshaven, Germany and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Vuyk acted as an advisor for the owners on naval architectural issues and designed the permanent mooring structure in consultation with the owners.

Permanent mooring structure

The mooring structure has been designed in such a way that it fixates the floating ship independent of the tidal movements, trim and heel. The structure consists of two hinges in the ship, connected by bracings to two poles piled in the bottom of the harbour. The bracings are provided with maintenance free spherical bearings. The lifetime of the system is at least 25 years.

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