Floating dock design 3500t

This floating dock is designed by Vuyk to operate in unsupported areas. The dock is equipped with all required systems to operate on its own. Electrical power is generated by two generator sets, instead of usual shore connections. Therefore several fuel tanks are included in the side wings. In order to accommodate 10 persons, the side wing at port side is partly arranged as accommodation. The dock is provided with a waste water collecting system. This dock is developed as part of a modular design. In this range a dock up to 4500t is available.

Principal dimensions
Length pontoon deck
100.80 m
Breadth extreme 28.52 m
Breadth moulded 27.00 m
Breadth inside 21.00 m
Depth to upper deck 11.70 m
Depth to pontoon deck 2.90 m
Service draught 2.60 m
Submerged draught 10.50 m
Max. breadth of docked vessel
19.00 m
Water depth over keel blocks 6.35 m
Net lifting capacity approx. 3 500 ton
Lifting time at maximum capacity less than 1 hour

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