Floating dock design

Vuyk developed this floating dock especially for vessels up to Panamax size. It is developed as part of a modular design, so the main particulars can be adjusted, depending on specific requirements and operating areas as specified by clients. For unsupported areas, this design can be upgraded to a self-supporting floating dock. This involves adjustments with respect to power supply, storage capacity and accommodation spaces in the side wings.


Principal dimensions


Length pontoon deck

approx. 210.0 m

Breadth moulded

approx. 48.5 m

Breadth inside

approx. 38.5 m

Depth to upper deck

approx. 25.0 m

Depth to pontoon deck

approx. 5.0 m





Max. breadth of docked vessel

approx. 32.5 m

Water depth over keel blocks

approx. 8.0 m



Net lifting capacity

25 000 ton

Lifting time

approx. 1.5 hour



For rising, the dock is fitted with five submerged centrifugal pumps. Optionally the pumps could be situated in pump rooms in the sides.



This dock is fitted with the following docking equipment:

  • Traveling deck cranes on side walls.
  • Mooring winches for docking and undocking.

Optionally the dock can be fitted with:

  • Swinging bridges at ends of the side walls.
  • Remotely controlled, adjustable side dock blocks.



For environmental protection, the dock is provided with a waste water collecting system. The waste water is transfered to a treatment unit / shore for further processing.


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