Electric supply vessel design

The City Council of Utrecht has deployed a low emission vessel for supplying shops, restaurants and bars located on the canal banks of the city center. The vessel is equipped with an all-electric propulsion system fed by batteries, in order to operate with low levels of emission and noise.

In September 2007, Vuyk was commissioned to develop the design. The vessel immediately received the project name “bierboot” (beer boat). In January 2010 the vessel was officially named STROOMBOOT.

Due to its success, Vuyk later developed a second multi-purpose all electric vessel for the City Council for garbage collection. 

Principal dimensions

Length moulded 18.80 m 
Breadth moulded 4.26 m
Depth moulded 1.225 m
Maximum draught 1.10 m
Air draught at minimum draught 1.63 m


The cargo hold of the supply vessel is suitable for the transportation of:

48 wheeled containers, each with dimensions 76 x 86 x 172 cm.
Maximum cargo load is 18 tons.
For handling of the wheeled containers, the vessel is fitted with an electric-hydraulic crane with a maximum lifting moment of 7.8 ton meter.

Propulsion system

Propeller drive: 400-V AC electric motor of 55-kW, driven via a frequency controller.
•Power supply by 4 sets of traction batteries supplying 480-V DC total. Each set contains 60 2-Volt cells.
•During night time, the batteries are charged by shore supply.
To enhance maneuverability the vessel is equipped with a bow thruster of 12 kW.
•In case of failure of the batteries, an diesel driven emergency generator set of approx. 60 kW can be started.

Vuyk scope of work

On behalf of the City Council of Utrecht, Vuyk performed the concept development, basic design and preparation of a tender package for the inquiry of the vessel, including tender evaluation, contract management and building supervision. The order was awarded to Scheepswerf Bocxe Delft. The vessel was put into service in January 2010.


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