Transportation and upending of a jacket

L5 C jacket

At the end of 2005, Vuyk was contracted by the Dutch offshore construction yard NAMI Constructions B.V. of Ridderkerk to do engineering work for the transportation and upending of an 880-ton jacket. Built on behalf of Wintershall Noordzee B.V., the newly built jacket formed the base structure of the renovated K-10V topsides, now in use as L5-C gas producing platform.

For transportation to Rotterdam Waalhaven, the jacket was horizontally loaded on the pontoon 'E.3501' (60 x 22 x 4 m). There the jacket was unloaded and upended by the floating sheerlegs 'Taklift 7' and 'Matador 3' (designed by Vuyk) for final transport to her offshore location, loaded together with the 650-ton L5-C gas producing platform on the 300-foot offshore pontoon 'AMT Discoverer'. Final installation of jacket and topsides was done by Heerema Marine Contractor's 'Thialf'.

Main dimensions L5-C jacket

Height of jacket

52.64 m

Dimensions at base

21.12 x 19.05 m

Dimensions at top

13.00 x 11.50 m


Vuyk scope of work

The Vuyk scope of work included:

  • Strength calculations upending lower part L5-C jacket
  • ANSYS finite elements calculations for complete jacket during upending
  • Engineering of pad eyes
  • Transport Plan L5-C jacket on pontoon 'E.3501'
  • Engineering of supports jacket on pontoon 'E.3501'
  • Initial stability of pontoon 'E.3501', loaded with L5-C jacket
  • Initial stability with wind load of pontoon 'E.3501', loaded with L5-C jacket
  • Damaged stability of pontoon 'E.3501', loaded with L5-C jacket


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