Heavy transport vessel conversion

Lift Vessels Fjord and Fjell

In 2005, the Dutch company Fairstar Heavy Transport acquired the Norwegian heavy transport ocean going deck cargo barges BOABARGE 19 and BOABARGE 20, both built by the Chinese Jinling Shipyard at Changjing Natio. With a deadweight of respectively 28 836 and 23 288 ton, the submersible barges belonged to the world's largest.

Both barges are converted into self-propelled semi-submersible heavy transport vessels. The contract for the conversions was awarded to Malta Shipyards in La Valletta. For this purpose, the vessels are equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system with three diesel generator sets, electrically driven steerable thrusters, accommodation for a complement of 33 persons and all required auxiliaries, safety, navigation and communication equipment to be registered as a Heavy Cargo Carrier.

The BOABARGE 19 has been renamed FJORD, while the BOABARGE 20 will sail the seven seas as FJELL.


Principal dimensions before conversion FJORD FJELL
Length between perpendiculars 141.92 m 141.92 m
Breadth, moulded 45.50 m 36.00 m
Depth, moulded 9.00 m 9.00 m
Draught, fully loaded 7.05 m 6.99 m
Draught, fully submerged 21.00 m 21.00 m
28 836 ton
23 288 ton
Maximum lifting capacity at 9.00 m draught 40 900 ton 33 400 ton
Deck area 5 870 m² 4.650 m²


Principal dimensions after conversion FJORD FJELL
Length between perpendiculars 157.80 m 137.00 m
Breadth, moulded 45.50 m 36.00 m
Depth, moulded 9.00 m 9.00 m
Draught, fully loaded 6.26 m 6.58 m
Draught, fully submerged 20.00 m 19.00 m
24 500 ton
19 300 ton
Deck load 25 ton/m² 25 ton/m²
Service speed >12 kn >12 kn




Both vessels have a diesel-electric propulsion system.

three Wärtsilä diesel generator sets 3840 kW
two Wärtsilä steerable thrusters 4500 kW
one Wärtsilä bow thruster of 1500 kW


Vuyk scope of work

Vuyk performed the basic design for:

  • Hull construction
  • General design
  • Machinery Installation
  • System diamgrams

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