Drill ship conversion

Neptune Explorer of Neptune Marine Oil & Gas Ltd

Neptune Marine Oil & Gas Ltd. decided in 2006 to reactivate and extensive upgrade their drill ship 'Neptune Explorer' after a period of being laid-up. The vessel belongs to the 'Pelican' class of drill ships, built by Gusto of Schiedam, The Netherlands.
The 'Neptune Explorer' was built in 1973 as 'Havdrill' and was operational as 'Canmar Explorer III' and 'Northern Explorer III'. The drill ship upgrading is at hand of Sembawang Shipyard Pte. Ltd., Singapore and is planned to be completed by April 2007.

The upgrading comprised of:

  • widening of the vessel from 23.78 m to 29.75 m by addition of new sponsoons
  •  about 1 700 tons of steel renewal
  • installation of new drilling derrick and equipment\
  • new solids removal plant
  • overhaul and modifications of marine systems
  • rebuilding of accommodation spaces
  • new riser storage racks
  • new riser gantry cranes
  • new piping handling crane


Principal dimensions



Length overall

149.25 m


Length between perpendiculars

136.80 m


Breadth moulded

29.75 m


Depth moulded

12.50 m


Design draught

7.50 m





Drilling capacity



Drilling depth

25 000 feet


Water depth after upgrading

5000 feet







Power plant

5x SACM/AGOV -16 ESHR diesels, each
5x AEG alternators, 6 kV - 60 Hz, each

2500 kW
2400 kW

Auxiliary plant

1x SACM M60 V12 diesel engine.

700 kW

Emergency plant

1x Scania diesel generator set

120 kW

Propulsion system

2x Lips fixed pitch propellers, each driven
by two DC electric motors; total output

4412 kW

Bow thrusters

3 x Lips tunnel thrusters, each

1287 kW

Stern thrusters

2 x Lips tunnel thrusters, each

1287 KW


 Vuyk scope of work

After Sea of Solutions B.V. made the concept design, this company
subcontracted a part of the basic design to Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam.
The scope of work for the reactivation and upgrading project for Vuyk
comprised of:


  • General arrangements

Construction plans of:

  • New sponsoons PS & SB
  • Relocation of helideck incl. supports
  • New aft crane pedestal
  • New knuckle boom crane pedestal
  • Moonpool area modifications
  • New riser storage deck
  • Various tank modifications
  • New substructure
  • Riser racks
  • Engine room and sack store
  • Mud pump room modifications

Principle system diagrams for modifications of:

  • Bilge
  • Ballast
  • Fire fighting and deck wash
  • Compressed air
  • Bulk system

Principle system diagrams of new systems:

  • Drill water
  • HP & LP mud system

HVAC: Assessment of mechanical ventilation systems of hull spaces.



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