Vuyk has extensive experience in offshore transport and construction projects for the oil and gas market. Our main activities are vessel and equipment design, and marine operations engineering. We have vast experience in the offshore market and believe in no-nonsense, safe designs and high operational performance.


Vuyk’s engineers are passionate, and enjoy finding safe and pragmatic solutions to any operational challenge. This makes us well-equipped for non-standard and specialist vessel or equipment design, incorporating both consultancy or design and engineering for new builds or conversions.


An additional and unique discipline for this market is our in-house marine operations department. By pooling our various assets, Vuyk has an exceptional ability to find the most suitable solution.


We take a practical approach, but also recognise that theoretical knowledge and innovation is increasingly necessary. Furthermore, we understand that safe operations and a reduced environmental impact require thorough preparation. This also needs highly-trained engineers with the right skills. Our experienced engineering team can recommend the best possible solution for each project.


Vuyk specialises in engineering and other methods for offshore construction, such as oil and gas platforms, as well as decommissioning projects. 


Click through the pages below to learn more about our projects in the offshore market. Vuyk is also able to share further information on request.