Split hopper concept design

Vuyk Splitter 8000

The seagoing split hopper barge is a proven design for carrying dredged materials. The easy and fast way of dumping makes this ship very interesting for use in combination with e.g. cutter dredgers.

Vuyk invented the split hopper concept, with hydraulic system, in the early sixties of the twentieth century. Few years later split hopper barges became a popular ship type, so Vuyk designed and constructed many of these barges for clients all over the world. A lot of studies and inventions are done by Vuyk to improve the ship type. The well-known Vuyk patent barges contain one of these improvements and are build very often. The ship type may also be interesting for hopper volumes up to 10 000 cubic metres.
With the experience acquired, Vuyk is capable to deliver a range of seagoing split hopper barges designs in a fast and accurate way.

With this in mind, Vuyk analysed the possibilities for improvement of the split type barge design with the ultimate goal to make the concept interesting for barges with a hopper volume of 6 000 up to 10 000 cubic meters. All split barges make use of cylinders and hinges at each end of the hopper. Adding a third connection (without dividing the hopper space in two parts) is found to be an important improvement. This third connection can be achieved in the shape of a third hinge and/or hydraulic cylinder. As a result, bending moments are reduced to such an extent that both substantial reduction in structural weight and deflections of the hull are achieved. 

The Vuyk Splitter 8000 was born.

Principal Dimensions


Length overall

133.55 m

Breadth moulded

25.50 m

Depth to main deck

8.70 m

Dredging draught

7.50 m





Hopper capacity

about 8000 m^3





Propeller output

2x 4000 kW

Bow thruster

1x 700 kW

Main engines running at 720 rpm

2x 4320 kW





Trial speed

14.5 kn


3000 nm


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