Full basic design including dredging installation for new TSHD


Inai Kiara is a Malaysian based dredging company which has the intention of becoming a major player in the dredging market. This intention is supported by a large investment program containing new building of various hoppers and cutter dredgers. For one of these vessels, a 32 000 m3 trailing suction hopper dredger, Vuyk was requested to assist:

After having developed the concept for the vessel, Vuyk performed the full basic design including dredging installation. Vuyk also made a finite element global hull strength analysis, including fatigue for the highly stressed locations. At last, Vuyk assisted the yard during the building stage with engineering coordination and further detailed design.



Principal dimensions


Length overall

196.60 m

Breadth moulded

36.40 m

Depth moulded

14.90 m

Draught at summer load line

about 10.40 m

Draught at reduced freeboard

about 12.30 m







Deadweight at reduced freeboard

50 000 ton

Hopper capacity

32 000 m3

Speed at design draught

at least 17.5 kn



Dredging equipment


Two trailing suction pipes; diameter each

1 200 mm

Dredging depth, nominal

32.00 m

Dredging depth during deep water dredging (optional)

90.00 m

One row of 10 box-shaped bottom doors


Self-emptying system


One bow discharge connection with two rainbow






Two main diesel engines for propeller drive and
alternator drive

2x 13 250 kW

Two bow thrusters

2x 1 500 kW


The dredger is certified by Bureau Veritas for the class: I  HULL  MACH Hopper Dredger Unrestricted Navigation Dredging over 15 miles from shore with wave height restriction AUT-UMS.
Flag State: Malaysia.


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