Cutter suction dredger design

Pirat X of Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung

In June 2008 the German dredging contractor Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung at Papenburg took delivery of her largest dredger so far, named PIRAT X. The dredger can perform as cutter dredger and as deep cutter- and deep suction dredger. Normal cutter depth is up to 25 m with short ladder and spuds, while a deep suction depth on wires can be reached up to 45 m working on X-mas-tree. The hull was built in Poland, oufitting took place in Papenburgt


Main particulars


Length o.a. (ladder in highest position) as suction dredger
(45 m dredging depth)

96.00 m

Length o.a. (ladder in highest position) as cutter dredger
(38 m dredging depth)

90.00 m

Length pontoon

65.10 m


16.80 m


4.20 m

Draught, approx.

2.0 m



Dredging performance


Dredging depth as cutter dredger

22 and 38 m

Dredging depth as deep suction dredger

45 m

Suction pipe diameter

750 mm

Discharge pipe diameter

700 mm

Vuyk scope of work

For Johann Bunte, Vuyk acted as consultant, giving advice about total layout and design. Furthermore, Vuyk made the designs for the cutter ladder, spud systems and the gantries. Also during the building stage a lightweight check was made and at the final stage an inclining test and all stability calculations were done.


Classed by Bureau Veritas as a I HULL MACH AUT-UMS DYNAPOS AM/AT R CLEANSHIP 7+ UnrestrictedNavigation


An air-conditioned accommodation space is arranged above main deck in the fore ship suitable to accommodate 70 persons. All cabins have an integrated wet space.

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