Dredging, mining and civil

Vuyk has its roots in the dredging industry, and has extensive experience in design and engineering projects for the offshore construction and deep-water mining markets. 

Contractors operating in these markets take a practical, no-nonsense approach to the challenges they face. However, dredging and civil engineering projects such as breakwaters or tunnel installations are becoming increasingly complicated due to their location further offshore and/or in deeper waters. These challenges require specific knowledge in vessel and equipment design, and marine operations. Vuyk is able to find groundbreaking and innovative solutions for the most complex projects.
To Vuyk, innovation is not a target in itself. We believe in a practical, pragmatic approach, but also recognise that a theoretical background and innovative ideas need to be considered to complete the project in an economically viable way. We also believe that to create the best solutions, theory, design and engineering must be combined with operational experience.

By integrating these assets in-house, in combination with our extensive engineering experience, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Click through the pages below to learn more about our track record in dredging, mining and civil engineering projects. Vuyk is also able to share further information on request.