Salvage cargo ship


Mid August the Egyptian-flagged cargo ship AL SHAYMAA capsized in the southern Netherlands port of Moerdijk while discharging a cargo of steel coils. Reports indicate that the vessel’s cargo started shifting during discharge. Multraship Salvage was engaged on a Lloyd’s Open Form of salvage agreement.

Vuyk was asked by Multraship to join the salvage team on site.

After the crew safely left the ship, Multraship, working in cooperation with Belgian salvage specialist URS, discharged the AL SHAYMAA’s remaining cargo of steel coils using mobile shore cranes, before ballasting the vessel and restoring it to an upright position. A floating sheerlegs was stationed at the stern and a double-strength salvage team comprising salvage officers, naval architects, divers, riggers and stevedores was on site throughout the operation, during which several salvage tugs with fire-fighting equipment were on standby.


Naval architects of Vuyk made all the necessary calculations for the salvage plan and rendered on site assistance.
It has been a very fast job with a short lead time. Successful thanks to the excellent cooperation between all parties involved.

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