Decommissioning and salvage

Decommissioning, salvage and wreck removal activities involve working with existing structures and equipment, without knowing their exact status and limitations. This requires operational and technical solutions that leave ample margin for unforeseen issues. They must also be controlled and reversible in order to make them safe, and this is what Vuyk has been doing for many years in this industry.

Our engineers are passionate and technical people who are dedicated to finding safe and no-nonsense solutions to unexpected challenges, whether this involves integrated marine operations, vessels or equipment, a new design or modifications. Our engineers also have extensive operational experience and are able to travel offshore to deliver full support in the field.

We recognise that apart from a practical and pragmatic approach, in-depth theoretical knowledge is needed to facilitate complex operations. Therefore, we have all the required knowledge of structural and hydrodynamic analysis necessary in-house, and can combine this with a pragmatic design and engineering approach.

Click through the pages below to learn more about our decommissioning and salvage projects. Vuyk is also able to share further information on request.