Design to function

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam (Vuyk) specialises in one-off vessel and equipment design, and marine operations engineering. We offer these as integrated disciplines in close cooperation with our customers, and by doing so, they can be sure that their design is unique and remain competitive in their industry.

  • Independent, customised, pragmatic and safe designs.
  • Simple and proven, or groundbreaking as required.
  • Over 40 years of experience.
  • All disciplines available in-house.

Contractors operating in the dredging, mining and offshore markets take a practical, no-nonsense approach to the challenges they face. However, their projects are becoming increasingly complicated due to their location further offshore and/or in deeper waters, and because the competition is growing. Specific knowledge alongside innovative and groundbreaking solutions is the ideal combination.

We have vast experience in various markets. Click through our references below to learn more about our previous projects and what we could offer you.