Versatile vessel

The DP 2 Vuyk Versatile Vessel (VVV) is developed by Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam to anticipate on the future demand of the offshore market. To serve the offshore industry, the vessel can be fitted with a wide range of equipment that is partly designed as modular systems. This reduces mobilisation time and has the advantage for contractors to use this equipment flexible within the fleet. For multi purpose use, the vessel has the capability to submerge and load floating deck equipment or cargo. This possibly reduces costs as mobilisation can be combined with heavy transport projects.


The VVV is a dynamically positioned construction vessel suitable to perform a wide variety of operations:

  • Installation and construction for oil and gas industry:
    - Heavy lifting
    - Subsea installation
    - Pipe and reel lay operations
    - Moonpool operations
  • Installation and transport of wind turbines
  • •Float on / Float of operations of equipment (and cargo)
  • •Offshore support
  • Heavy transport
  • Optional: Bridge Installation

Due to the versatile functions, the vessel can execute projects which normally require a combination of several specialized ships.

Principal dimensions:

Length o.a. 161.50 m
Length b.p.p. 147.50 m
Breadth, moulded 42.00 m
Depth, moulded 14.50 m
Draught sailing 7.50 m 
Draught lifting 8.50 m 
Submerged draught 22.50 m
Water level above deck in submerged condition 8.00 m
Deadweight 14000 m
Accommodation 50 m


2x Heavy Lift Crane:

Lifting capacity 2 x 1500 ton
Lifting height above water level 90 m


Modular equipment:
The vessel can be fitted with following modular equipment:

  • J-Lay equipment
  • Reel lay equipment
  • Trenching equipment


Modular accommodation:
The standard accommodation is suitable for 50 persons, including ship’s crew. To expand the accommodation capacity, the vessel can be fitted with a modular accommodation unit for 100 persons. This unit is self-floating so it can be floated on the submerged vessel. Positioned directly aft of the forecastle, a large deck remains for fitting equipment and storage of pipes/product.

This module provides more flexibility, as during transport maximum free deck area is available, while during installation work the accommodation capacity is increased significantly.