Semi-submersible accommodation vessel

In 2010, the need for platform assistance and accommodation was becoming more and more urgent. In order to meet this increasing demand Vuyk developed a DP3 platform support semi-submersible accommodation vessel.

It can accommodate 400 persons on board which generates an excellent floating hotel facility for crew to work in shifts on the platforms. With a heave compensated manway easy access to and from the platform is arranged.

The vessel is equipped with 2 cranes of 300 ton each to perform single lifts or even tandem lifts up to 400 ton to support the platform or to perform construction activities on site. A knuckle boom crane of 100 ton is provided for handling any kind of equipment or stores.

In a DP3 mode, the vessel can assist the platform up to a significant wave height of 4.5 m. With a FiFi 2 notation the vessel is fit for firefighting in case of any emergency.

To check the safety of the design in terms of stability and safety regulations the concept has already been reviewed by Class and was found to be fully compliant with the latest regulations.
With this concept Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has developed a versatile platform support vessel to be utilized at any location in the world. If you want to know more about this concept please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main particulars:

 Length over all ±86.50 m 
 Breadth  14.70 m
 Depth    8.20 m 
 Length  12.60 m
 Breadth  11.40 m
 Deck Box:  
 Length   60.90 m 
 Breadth  53.80 m

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