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02 April 2016

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam services the maritime industry with integrated design and engineering packages. It is renowned in its market for high-tech performance and tailor-made vessel designs or conversions, as well as equipment design and marine operations engineering. Its customers are serviced with design and engineering solutions from the straightforward and proven, to the most complex of requests.

 Vuyk’s experienced specialists work on direct orders from the beginning of a new project. In this early stage, its engineers advise customers on design matters and ensure that any required elements are provided. The total scope could range from feasibility studies to full basic designs or marine operations packages including detailed engineering.


Besides vessel and equipment design, and marine operations, Vuyk is able to create and engineer the most complex or highly technical solutions, as long as there is a connection with water. Vuyk’s engineers’ many years of experience in this fields is exceptional.

Any design made by Vuyk is a one-off, and provides a solution for a customer’s specific need. In this way, companies can stay ahead of the competition. One of Vuyk’s unique propositions is that customers can opt to build one of its designs at a third-party yard or choose the ‘total package’. This includes a shipbuilding contract within the Royal IHC group after the front-end design phase is complete. 
When these services are not required by a customer, Vuyk can make use of its independent position, which guarantees full confidentiality.

• arrangements (of vessels, equipment 
or operations)                      
• 3D pipe routing
• stability calculations                                                                         
• structural analysis and design                                 
• resistance and propulsion                                        
• marine systems
• mooring, DP analysis and design                                        
• safety plans
• finite element analysis                                                         
• mechanical design
• (multi-body) hydrodynamic analysis                        
• 2D and 3D design
• computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis.


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