Bokalift 1

Modification and upgrade Bokalift 1

News published on
21 January 2019

Modify to function by Vuyk

Ever wondered if the trend of the current consumer society will someday be followed by the
maritime industry? A trend of buying new products for such low prices, that this automatically results
in short replacement intervals, without any effort to extend durability or life-time extension by
maintenance. With the current situation of overcapacity in the global maritime market, demolition of
relatively young assets is no exception anymore. Is this the best solution, or are there interesting

At Vuyk, we are convinced that there are multiple possibilities of upgrading or converting existing
assets to fit market demand again. This can vary from a capacity upgrade as was executed for
dredger QUEEN OF THE NETHERLANDS, by lengthening the vessel with more than 50m, or by
completely changing a vessels’ functionality. A good example of this can be found in the FRIESIAN
EXPRESS, which was originally built as reefer, but got a life-time extension by converting it into a
livestock carrier.
Besides the commercial drivers, implementation of new regulations on emissions and water ballast
give opportunities for being one step ahead of the competition. Conversion can be the perfect tool
for quick and cost effective transformation into a "Green Fleet". In this field of expertise Vuyk has
recently added the world’s largest LNG-powered cutter dredger SPARTACUS and trailing suction
hopper dredger to its extensive track-record.

The latest proof of this experience in conversion is the modification and upgrade of the BOKALIFT 1.
This vessel is converted from semi-submersible heavy transport vessel into DP-positioned heavy lift
crane vessel. Vuyk successfully performed the engineering, delivered on site support to the customer
and is already performing marine operations engineering for it.

Vuyk offers a fully integrated design portfolio; vessel design, marine operations and equipment
design for conversion, new builds or consultancy. This wide range of expertise in various markets is
possible because of the knowledge and skills of the highly experienced and passionate engineers,
who find their challenge in safe and functional solutions. The many years of experience of the Vuyk
engineers is exceptional in the maritime engineering market.