Vuyk has extensive experience in offshore transport and construction projects for both the oil and gas, and renewables markets. Our main activities are vessel and equipment design, and marine operations engineering. 

The oil and gas, and renewables markets are often presented as distinct from each other, but Vuyk sees this differently. The age of near unlimited budgets in the oil and gas market has ended and the renewables market is becoming more mature in its development of dedicated solutions and awareness of safety. Therefore, it is time these markets joined forces.

Vuyk has experience in both markets and believes in no-nonsense, safe designs and operations. We take a practical approach, but also recognise that theoretical knowledge and innovation is increasingly necessary to get the job done. 

We also believe that to deliver the best solutions, theory, design and engineering need to be combined with operational experience. As such, we specialise in integrated solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We design to function.