Decommissioning and salvage

Decommissioning, salvage and wreck removal activities involve working with existing structures and equipment, without knowing its exact status and limits. This requires operational and technical solutions that leave ample margin for unforeseen issues, controlled and reversible in order to make them safe.

Vuyk’s employees are passionate and technical people who respond to finding safe and no-nonsense solutions to unexpected challenges, whether this involves integrated marine operations, vessels or equipment, new design or modification challenges. 

Vuyk recognises that in-depth theoretical knowledge is needed to be able to tackle complex operations. Therefore, Vuyk has all the required knowledge of structural and hydrodynamic analysis necessary in-house, and can combine this with a pragmatic design and engineering approach.

Vuyk also believes that to deliver the best solutions, theory, design and engineering need to be combined with operational experience. Therefore, we specialise in integrated solutions in close cooperation with our customersDesign to function.