Marine operations engineering

Design to function

Vuyk delivers a practical approach to engineering complex operations. As both naval architects and mechanical engineers, Vuyk can also facilitate project-specific vessel or equipment design.

Independent, project-specific, no-nonsense and safe solutions 
Integrated knowledge of vessels and equipment
Practical experience combined with theoretical background
Structural and (hydro)dynamic expertise available in-house
Experience with multiple types of operations in various markets




Vuyk specialises in engineering and methods for renewables and offshore construction, or decommissioning and special dredging, mining or civil projects. 

Examples include:

heavy transport
heavy lifting
subsea lifting
float-on, float-off
load outs
land fall or outfall
ballasting operations
salvage assistance.

These activities may apply to wind turbines and foundations, oil and gas platforms, tunnels, jetties, breakwaters or deepwater mining operations.