Water Injection Dredgers

Over the years, the water injection dredger (WID) has found its way in the dredging industry. A WID vessel is a dredging vessel that transports soil material by injecting water into the soil under low pressure. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient dredging solution.


There are various dredging vessels and equipment designed and engineered for water injection dredging applications by Vuyk. For regular maintenance dredging work the WID dredger has become a valuable asset of the dredging portfolio. WID dredgers are mostly small vessels for its maneuverability to operate in locations that are difficult to access, such as close to river or canal embankments or in –smaller– harbours. 

Vuyk has a broad track record in the design of new WID vessels, WID equipment and modification of existing vessels into WID vessels.


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