Site Specific Assessment tool

Prior to jack-up vessel operations, crew safety, vessel integrity and environmental conditions must be assessed. As these parameters differ depending on loading conditions, location and climate, Vuyk has developed a site-specific assessment (SSA) tool. It quickly evaluates the important parameters for jacking operations according to ISO 19905-1, correctly assessing an individual operation as required for insurance purposes or by a marine warranty surveyor.

When designing, modifying or upgrading a jack-up vessel, expertise in complex structural analyses, as well as ship and equipment design is required. The main differences with engineering for an actual project are the specific operations, deck loading, environmental factors and equipment used, in combination with the actual leg penetration. This may deviate from the design of the jack-up and therefore necessitate the SSA.

What makes Vuyk unique is its combination of expertise in vessel and equipment design, and marine operations engineering. This means that Vuyk is the ideal partner for integrated design and engineering of which SSAs are a key aspect. These require in-depth design knowledge – including complex structural analysis expertise – as well as project engineering in the form of deck layouts and lifting operations in order to define the optimal jack-up loading conditions.

Partnering with Vuyk decreases the time and costs spent interfacing between parties that only specialise in one or two of the required fields. This is particularly evident when fine-tuning the jack-up’s capabilities. The development of an SSA tool was, therefore, a logical step for Vuyk in its attempt to optimally serve its customers.


• Assessment of environmental loads and dynamic amplification factor (DAF)
• Situation checks such as hull elevation, leg length reserve, overturning stability
• Strength checks such as leg strength and jacking system capacity
• Assessment of leg loads (tubular or lattice structure)
• Soil check such as preload and soil bearing and sliding capacity
• Output of load penetration curves
• Output of soil bearing capacity curves

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