Hydrodynamic analysis

For vessel or equipment design and marine operations

Vuyk delivers a practical approach to hydrodynamics during vessel and equipment operations that can be applied to design, optimisation or operations.

• Simplified modelling when possible, complex when required
• Integrated knowledge of marine operations, equipment and vessels
• Practical experience combined with theoretical background
• Translation of results into practical advice
• 3D diffraction, time domain simulation and CFD


Vuyk combines its hydrodynamic expertise with extensive experience in vessel and equipment design, and marine operations engineering, including structural analyses studies. Vessel, equipment or operations suitability, and required modifications are considered and can be included.

Examples include:

single or multibody motion analyses
hydrodynamic loads for global hull analysis
dynamic load analyses for moorings or risers
cable-lay analyses
DP analyses
workability analyses
(deepwater) lifting analyses
caisson installation analyses




Vuyk uses and combines 3D diffraction (AQWA) with simulation software for offshore marine systems (Orcaflex) and CFD (STAR CCM+).
Vuyk uses the above tools to tackle numerous problems on a daily basis, and have practical experience of their capabilities. Furthermore, Vuyk does not hesitate to stretch these capabilities to the absolute limit.

Long term response statistics

For all long-lead offshore operations, structure fatigue calculation is one of the topics which spans among almost all design phases. How to determine the load cases for the fatigue calculation is utmost important, as it directly influence the structure weight and construction cost.

Vuyk proposes the following Long Term Response Prediction for Fatigue Analysis approach to generate the structure (acceleration) response load cases. In this approach, the probability density function (PDF) and cumulative distribution function (CDF) of the response will be determined, which suggests the level of likelihood for the response events happening in the structure life/operation time.

Input for this study includes the vessel/structure geometry, loading conditions as well as the scatter diagram for the operational location. Deliverable includes the PDF and CDF of the response. With this information, customers can easily establish the number of the cycles for different response values, which can serve as the direct input for the fatigue calculation.

Vuyk can offer this calculation starting from a few working days as the engineering lead time, depends on the number of the load cases and detail level of modelling the sea states.



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