Marine operations engineering

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam services the maritime industry with design and engineering projects to facilitate complex operations and determine the requirements of vessels and equipment. It is renowned in the market for its high-tech performance and operational-oriented project engineering.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are passionate about their work and thrive on providing efficient and safe operational solutions. With their practical experience and theoretical background, they are able to specialise in engineering and methods for renewables and offshore construction, or decommissioning and special dredging, mining or civil projects. This type of engineering is not only used for project engineering but also for the design of vessels and equipment, or modifications. Our qualified engineers are capable of working with various software packages. Vuyk has also experiences to work with different software tools via a remote workstation.

Image Software engineering

After a diligent study of the operational requirements and environment in close cooperation with our customers we are able to prepare method statements and then provide the accompanying engineering in the form of deck layouts and lifting plans, ballast plans, motion analyses and workability assessments, tow and mooring plans, and support and sea-fastening designs. These are presented in report formats, suitable for marine warranty or class approval, and drawings ready for material preparation and construction.

Why Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam?

  • Independent, customised, pragmatic and safe design.
  • Simple and proven, or groundbreaking as required.
  • Over 40 years of experience.
  • All disciplines available in-house.

For an integrated design Vuyk can also include vessel and equipment design.