Mechanical Engineering

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam delivers tailor-made designs for new equipment or upgrades to facilitate complex maritime operations.

Our equipment designs span multiple markets and types of operations. This experience is utilised to create innovative and (when required) proven solutions. Furthermore, through our other design activities, vessel design and marine operations, we can secure a seamless integration of our equipment designs with the vessel and its operations.

Mechanical engineering is an important aspect of our equipment design activities. With the practical insight and theoretical background of our highly skilled and experienced engineers, we come up with no-nonsense and safe designs, specifically engineered to meet the challenges of our customers.

After a diligent study of the requirements and the operational environment, we create concepts, conduct the required analyses and create basic and detailed equipment designs. These are presented in 3D and ‘class’ drawings accompanied with analysis reports, ready for fabrication preparation, construction and assembly.

Our high qualified engineers are capable of working with various software packages.

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