Alternative fuels and power generation

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam delivers tailor-made designs for the maritime industry. An important focus for this industry is the environmental footprint of shipping activities, especially in a time where global emission limits are becoming increasingly stricter. This energy transition leads to various developments regarding alternative fuels and new power generation principles.

Vuyk believes that reducing environmental impact begins with maximising the energy efficiency on board vessels. For new designs for example, this is reflected in hull optimisation to reduce vessel resistance, or by adding hybrid power generation systems with energy storage capacity. Such solutions are projected on the operational profile of the new design, resulting in a cost-effective solution with a minimised environmental impact.

Besides energy efficiency, alternative fuels are a proven solution for emissions reduction. There have been a wide variety of fuels introduced in the market over the past decades, all with specific chemical properties and dedicated equipment and systems. The strategy of Vuyk is to have specialist knowledge of all available solutions in the market, rather than focusing on just one. This gives us the capability to select the most beneficial solution for your vessel.

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