WTG jacket design

Hohe See Poject

KCI performed the concept and the FEED (2nd BSH) for a jacket foundation for a 6MW turbine in the North Sea.

After studying and evaluating various concepts a lightweight 3 legged pre-piled design was developed with several innovative smart features. This design results in less deck space on the installation vessel, fewer piles/ less pile driving and fewer nodes. Pre-piling and variable stick-up height makes one single design suitable for a wide range of water depths.

Other new features are its lightweight and patented transition piece and a double-boat landing which is accessible from 2 directions.

Water depth at the site is just over 40 meters, but due to the variable stick-up height of the piles, the concept can be adjusted for greater water depths. At the time the FEED was finished and the first load iteration with the WTG supplier held and the feedback incorporated in the design.